The Beginning of a Journey

Today I begin my journey. Sitting in a coffee shop, on my laptop, on a Sunday afternoon feeling uneasy about what I’m about to do: start a professional blog.

I just read this statement outloud and it sounds so silly, really. Nothing I would say in this blog is anything that I wouldn’t share with any stranger in this shop if they were to sit down in front of me. Yet, I feel intimidated. I feel vulnerable. I’m genuinely nervous, even sweating a little bit. The thought of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world is daunting.

Granted, it’s not as though the world is there to listen. My hubris is definitely in check on that point. And blogging is certainly nothing new, nor is the internet.

Then why do I create negative thoughts in my head? The same thoughts and worries you conjure up about what might happen to the plane during take-off or landing, what will happen when you make a speech, or go skydiving (something I have not and will never do). The thoughts are out there. The imagination conjures up ideas as to what people would be thinking of me as they read this and as with most of us, the theme is generally a negative one:

  • “OMG, he’s gone off the deep end”
  • “LOL, he’s in that phase of career now”
  • “Who does he think he is, Seth Godin?”
  • “LOOOO-SERRRRRR” [hand gesture on the forehead]

And those are just my friends talking!

So why start a blog? Why now? What makes me special? What am I different? What in my life is happening and why do I think I’m so special that I have wisdom to share and expect people to listen?

Nothing. I have zero expectations. I am not that special.

But, I have many reasons to start blogging.

  1. Writing feels good.
  2. The more I write, the better writer I become and being a good writer is an essential skill in the information age.
  3. It will make me a better person.
  4. Sharing knowledge and receiving feedback (see comment area below) is how we learn.
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Marketing – I run a business, after all.
  7. I’ve always believed that in order to grow, you need to identify what activity makes you feel uncomfortable and leap into it.
  8. I have a WordPress site (shameless plug).
  9. I think I’m Seth Godin (j/k).
  10. My Mom has always been a fan of my writing and has always critiqued it – she’s a retired editor for textbooks – So this gives her something to do in retirement.
  11. I enjoy doing something new.
  12. I’m in a constant state of change and want to document my journey, so my children know what their father went through at the most pivotal time in his career so they can learn from him (as I was unable to from my father).
  13. My wife supports me.
  14. I am a victor, not a victim.
  15. I have many stories to tell.

There are probably others that I will not realize until later in life.

So that is it. My blog. This is the start. The beginning of a journey…….of storytelling.




One thought on “The Beginning of a Journey”

  1. Great start my love. You have a lot to offer the world and your experience will help the next person.

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