My Journey of 2019

I have decided to postpone my own venture of DP Consulting, LLC (D/B/A InnoGov) – though I’m still accepting side work for those interested in a consultant or project work! – and pursuing a new passion: Intelligent Automation.

Sometime in March of 2018 I was at a meeting hosted by the Enclave for Entrepreneurs. This is fantastic place for those who are entrepreneurs looking to let their hair down and share stories with others who are engaged in similar pursuits of “wanting to make something bigger than themselves” as Seth Godin says. This is not a place for selling. It’s a place of comfort. As the President & CEO John Dallas says, “we’re not incubating the venture, we’re incubating the person.” Like any entrepreneur I’ve had my share of twists and turns and struggles and this place helps with that. I strongly encourage everyone to become a member.

At this meeting I met an interesting person. He introduced himself as the CEO of a company which focused on software robots and chatbots which provide fast ROI. As a person always interested in technology i was indeed intrigued, but what he described sounded far-fetched and I continued networking.

The following month I was contacted by the CEO and he asked me to meet him for coffee. He said that although most of his business is on the commercial side, he recently signed on a couple of local government clients and asked me for advice to enter the market, such as how to generate leads and monetization. He and I would go on to have several more meetings later that summer and in August he informed me that he wanted to create a new company focused on intelligent automation solutions for local government. He said it will be called eAllianceGov (using the namesake from his other company eAlliance Corp) and he offered me to be the President. I happily accepted.

This is just the kind of opportunity I’ve been looking for: a startup tech company which blends my passions for being an entrepreneur, developing and applying technology solutions, and supporting professional local government. I am truly doing ‘business-building’ in every sense of the term. In just a few months I have done just about every job there is: product design, product development, market strategy, sales, account management, monetization strategy, project management, program management, finance, budgeting, leadership strategic planning, investor pitch meetings, and more. I’ve even been doing some work as a business analyst for some high-profile brands. It’s really been an amazing experience and I can see myself doing this for a long time.

The best part is that I get to work with some cutting edge technology. Our firm is partner with big platforms like UiPath for Robotic Process Automation and for AI-enabled chatbots. I am confident that these technologies are going to revolutionize local government. In fact, in less than four months of work, we have been able to sign up three clients for a contract or pilot projects!

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