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Driven by a cause. Driven by a belief. Driven by a purpose.

City Manager Insights is driven by the desire to create sustainable communities that improve lives. We are driven by the belief that that the quality of our lives is most closely connected to the strength of our local communities and neighborhoods. Therefore, our purpose is to change the world by growing effective local leaders. We do this by educating leaders about emerging issues and trends from all sectors and levels of government and business, so they sharpen their judgment and expand their knowledge.

Founded in 2018 under the principles of public service, we act as a daily resource of learning and professional development for professionals and policy makers across the United States. We strive to improve local leadership by broadening perspectives, highlighting best practices and uncovering new growth concepts.

The way we grow community leaders is by providing a daily e-newsletter that is comprehensive, simple to use, and educational. Our loyal subscribers include mayors, board members, city managers, school superintendents, department heads, CEOs and other senior officials. By providing this convenient service to our subscribers, we help create professional, proactive, and responsible local leaders.

Our Product

City Manager Insights distributes a daily, subscription based, e-newsletter consisting of hand selected news headlines and hyperlinks. We pull stories from only the best and most interesting articles from many national and professional publications.

The layout of our newsletter is simple, with no images or clutter. We provide readers a one-stop shop for all the articles they need, every day, with a single click. The content is curated by humans, not computer algorithms. Many local leaders rely on services such as Google Alerts to keep their knowledge sharp. This is problematic as the Google algorithms only provide information that Google wants you to read. Google does not understand the needs of local leaders in the way that our human content-locators do.

Our customized aggregation service tracks what matters, providing unparalleled access to relevant news, diverse opinions, and policy and management developments on a range of issues. We provide a comprehensive, real-time overview of the major issues that face the local government leaders of the United States.

We promote critical thinking, selecting content from a wide variety of sources to provide multiple perspectives to many stories. We promote regional thinking, intergovernmental cooperation and a cross discipline approach to management by highlighting all aspects of governance.

Public Sector

We now live and compete in a global economy where everything is connected as never before, and decisions are ever increasing in complexity. Effective local leaders must have a broad context for their decision-making that considers issues at the local, state, national and international level. Local leaders must have an understanding of multiple disciplines: finance, planning, public safety, human resources, technology, public works, law, infrastructure, politics, and both micro and macroeconomics.

Our handpicked articles promote daily learning, insight and professional development at every level. By educating professionals and policy makers through our service, we help them reach the highest standards of governance, service, leadership and ethics. In this way we improve communities and improve lives.

City Manager Insights is a product of Innogov, a DP Consulting Limited Liability Company, and is an independent publication, not affiliated with any professional associations.