Technology Solutions
InnoGov partners with a website design and hosting firm to deliver dynamic, cost effective websites and other innovative, web communication systems. With the creation of the smartphone and prevalence of mobile apps, websites were predicted to be obsolete, yet they have withstood the test of time with fast, reliable cloud-based hosting systems and innovative technologies such as responsive design which allows websites to be viewed on any screen size. Please fill out the Contact Us form to learn more about their new innovative offerings such as Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

News Aggregation Subscription Service
The amount of online news content today is overwhelming. A person would have to spend countless hours searching for content relevant to their industry. That is why some Fortunately, InnoGov partners with a service which provides a simple, graphic-free email in your inbox everyday that is curated by humans. This service include a distribution service to eight email addresses for Illinois residents. Please fill out the Contact Us form to receive a free month’s trial which includes up to eight email addresses per agency or business.