Technology Solutions

DP Consulting partners with only the best technology partners that are committed to provide premium results at an affordable price. Please fill out the Contact Us form for more information and product demonstrations that will enhance your services and control costs.

IT Support Services
There has been a paradigm shift in providing IT support services. In the fortune 500 industry, the vast majority of support is provided remotely. DP Consulting partners with managed service providers who offer robust, proactive monitoring and support for computers, servers, and networks. Most problems are resolved problems before they happen and ensure end-point security, with the ability to respond to service calls within one hour 24/7, 365.

Telecommunications Audits
If you suspect that you are paying too much for telephone and internet services or feel that you have too many telephone lines and circuits, DP Consulting can help. We partner with an expert telecommunications consultant who can help you identify your current inventory, review your billing, and recommend cost savings. We can also perform a Request for Proposals for a new telecommunications carrier saving you time and money. Many competitors seek to obtain a large portion of the estimated savings. You will find with DP Consulting our pricing methodology is much more attractive than the competition.

VoIP Procurement Services
At the turn of the millennium, the use of copper phone lines and conventional PBX systems were abandoned and all industries moved to a new Voice over Internet Protocol standard (VoIP). While the word “Internet” is included in this term, many systems were not reliant on the internet due to cost and unreliability, but still leveraged internal computer networks and servers already in use by the business, thus saving all of the money that would normally be paid to telephone carriers. Today, VoIP systems continue to be the standard, but new innovations in this field have allowed for cloud, or hosted, VoIP systems to offer increased services and save even more money over there on-premise counterparts.

Web Technology Services
With the creation of the smart phone and prevalence of mobile apps, websites were predicted to be obsolete, yet they have withstood the test of time with fast, reliable cloud-based hosting systems and innovative technologies such as responsive design which allows websites to be viewed on any screen size. With 20 years of experience in designing and supporting e-communication services for local government, DP Consulting’s web-partner offers dynamic, cost effective websites and other innovative, web communication systems.